The Second Thing You Should Do Once Committing to Blogging

One word: Gravatar.

The details are the product. You’re the product, you need to worry the details.

Your online details, your online persona should be consistent. You want people to connect with you – and I don’t mean as “followers” or “friends”. You want them to really connect with you.

You want them to feel like they know you.

Nothing does that better than [Read more...]

3 Easy WordPress Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate

This post is inspired by a “conversation” I had on the Elance LinkedIn group yesterday. Vivek shared a post titled “how to stabilize the bounce rate a website” with 7 tips. I found the tips helpful, but perhaps not terribly actionable for non-technical people. I thought I’d add 3 of my own that are quite actionable (and easy), though you’ll definitely want some help implementing if you’re not comfortable adding plugins and configuring widgets on your WordPress site.

First, a definition of bounce rate: [Read more...]

Lawyers Need Social Media Too

It’s not just lawyers, it’s any professional.

You need social media for two sides of the job:

  1. To help your clients & deliver successfully
  2. To grow your career and business without competing on price

Yesterday, The Wall Street Journal wrote that Lawyers “Facebook the Jury“. This speaks to point #1 above. Lawyers serve their clients better by being social media saavy. [Read more...]

A “Link Love” Best Practice

Reading an article online, I was transported back over 10 years when people didn’t really know how to link properly, and it didn’t matter because search optimization was all about keywords (if that).

Today though, search ranking depends a lot on cross-linking properly. Have a look at the snippet below. It’s poor form, but also bad for SEO.

People understand what the link means, and when it’s a different color (like the link to the Wall Street Journal) they get it. Maybe that wasn’t the case back when.

The best practice is to link to a “keyword-filled reference”, not to the word “here” (which search engines can’t rank). So, in this case, I’d link the first “here” to the first paragraph’s (top line) “Chicago School Readiness Project (CSRP)”. I’d link the second “here” to the second paragraph’s “column on classroom behavior”.

I’d also try to find Sue’s twitter handle or bio page on the WSJ and link her name to that. For the record, I tried and it’s not obvious if the Sue Shellenbarger on twitter that I found is the WSJ reporter… she has no bio on her Twitter account. That’s a broken best practice as well.

Feeling Unfulfilled? Your Social Career Needs Love Too!

Companies provide financial benefits that now are the responsibility of the freelancer.

In this month’s employment number, one segment of the labor market grew by 55%. That of the incorporated self-employed worker.

The freelancer.

The LA Times reports that 14 million Americans are self-employed, up from 9 million. This change is due, in part, to the way the government is tracking the statistics… they’re now tracking “incorporated self-employed” workers as their own category.

The article highlights [Read more...]